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    DDS vs DMD

    Q: What is the difference between a dentist with a DDS degree vs. one with a DMD degree? LZ in South Palm Beach

    A: A lot of confusion for the public, for one! You say ‘toe-may-toe’ and I say “toe-mah-toe”; let’s forget the whole darn thing…..”

    The DDS and DMD degree are the EXACT same degree, but with different names. Both doctors have received the same training. It does not imply one is an oral surgeon and the other one is not, nor does it indicate if the dentist in question has completed any type of specialty such as orthodontist or periodontics.

    In the 1800’s all dental schools used the name DDS (doctor of dental surgery) Some of the more “snooty” institutions decided to go with the Latin degree, called DMD (Dentiste Medicinae Doctor). About one third of current dental schools still use the Latin degree name. (Hey, it’s all Greek to me!)

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